Portuguese Desserts Tour

A private Portuguese desserts tour that will make you feel like a kid in a candy store

portuguese desserts tour

In this Portuguese desserts tour, we’re going to turn your notion of the Portuguese diet upside down — just like a pudim. Ah yes, perhaps one of the most unknown parts of our culinary culture is our love of all things sweet.

Portugal’s pastry and confectionary are of unmeasurable richness and diversity, and this is due to centuries of crafting and perfecting dessert recipes. From the centuries-old conventual tradition of eggs and sugar, to unconventional contemporary creations, us Portuguese just can’t satiate our hyperactive sweet tooth: we want it all.

In this private Portuguese desserts tour, with beautiful Porto as backdrop, you will be able to sample some of the country’s revered sweets whilst surrounded by a vivid culture and history. We will reveal some of the Porto’s best bakery and pastry shops, while uncovering their background, specialties, and perhaps even some of their secrets. Along the way you’ll taste national and local staples, like the buttery pastel de nata, the puff-pastry called dubbed jesuíta, delicious almond tarts, and much more.

You’ll hear the stories and myths shaped by hundreds of years of history, and learn what the heck Portuguese sweets have to do with civil war, nuns, and the far East. Are you curious yet?

amass cook award

Culinary Experience of the Year - North of Portugal





How long

3 hours


Monday to Saturday


10:30 or 16:00


A lot of different sweets (at least 8), coffee and other drinks.

Group size

2 to 10 people. For larger groups, please contact us.


Expert food guide, food and beverages.

Family friendly

This activity can be adapted to families with children.

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private & safe: we take COVID-19 precautions seriously

Clean & Safe


Must I book the tour in advance?

Yes. In order to guarantee the our availability, we ask you to book the tour with a minimum of 3 days in advance. If you book in shorter notice than 3 days, we may not be able to accommodate your request, however, do not refrain from contacting us.

Is this tour private?

Yes. Our tours are private and only include you and your guests.

What languages may be spoken?

Tours are provided in English or Portuguese.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Please indicate all dietary restrictions in the form, including allergies.
Our tours are not suited for vegans. Vegetarian options may be accommodated into the tour. Dairy-free options may be provided upon request; we cannot assure a gluten-free experience due to the possibility of cross-contamination.

What is the price of the Portuguese Desserts Tour?

Please ask us for a quote. Prices vary according to customizations, number of guests, and available guides.

May I cancel / be refunded?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, guests may cancel their experience up to 72 hours free of charge. If not, the tour may be rescheduled to another date, whenever possible, or we may issue a voucher you may redeem during the following year.

May I postpone the tour?

A tour may be postponed only once, with a minimum notice of 2 days. The possibility of postponing is dependent on availability.

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