Arte de Cozinha – Domingos Rodrigues


First published in 1680 by Domingos Rodrigues — a cook of the aristocracy and the Portuguese Royal House — it quickly becomes a bestseller, only to be edited multiple times throughout the following centuries. Throughout its 300+ recipes, one may delve into a culinary portrait of the wealthy classes, revealing fascinating recipes with heavy use of spiced and contrasting flavors.



“Arte de Cozinha”, written in 1680 by Domingos Rodrigues, was the first-ever cookbook to be printed in Portugal.

The version here published is based on the 1693 edition, which contains the original first part “Way of cooking various dishes of all kinds of meats, making preserves, pastry & pies”, and also the original second part “Way of cooking several dishes of fish, seafood, fruits, herbs, eggs, dairy, sweets, and preserves of the same kind”, but also the novel third part that includes “Way of serving banquets for any time of the year and the world with which one will serve ambassadors, and how to serve a round table for foreigners”.

Through this cookbook, Domingos Rodrigues compiles over 300 period recipes that were, unsurprisingly, found almost exclusively in the country’s wealthiest tables. Nonetheless, it is a fascinating gastronomical account that allows us to make comparisons to the manuscript “Livro de Cozinha da Infanta D. Maria”, written two centuries earlier.

Domingos Rodrigues was born in Vila Cova à Coelheira in 1637 and passed away in Lisbon in 1719. Little is known of his life besides the fact that, according to his own account, he was a cook for the Counts of Vimioso (who were also Marquis of Valença and Gouveia), and Master at the Royal House.

This e-book is only available in Portuguese (PT).

Format: E-book | PDF

Pages: 249

Language: Portuguese

Publisher: Amass. Cook.

Collection: History of Portuguese Gastronomy