Sourdough Kit (MILF)


Our sourdough MILF kit has everything you need to start making sourdough bread at home.

This kit contains 8 g of dehydrated organic sourdough starter *, 1 kg of organic Portuguese wheat flour*, a hand-crafted banneton (proofing basket)*, a linen baker’s couche*, a dough scraper, a mason jar*, a razor*, and starter and sourdough instructions*.

* made in Portugal

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MILF – Mother I’d Like to Ferment

This DIY sourdough kit contains:

  • MILF – dehydrated organic sourdough starter (8 g) *
  • 1 kg certified organic wheat flour *
  • 1 hand-crafted wicker banneton * 21 cm, 10 cm height, up to 800/900 g of dough)
  • 1 linen (100%) bread couche (35 x 45cm) *
  • 1 mason jar *
  • 1 razor  *
  • 1 dough scraper
  • Starter and sourdough instructions *

* Made in Portugal

We want you to make the perfect bread, but at the same time that we want to endorse local production and to reduce the environmental impact of our choices. Most of the ingredients and utensils in this kit are made in Portugal, using sustainable sources.

Starting with our one and only MILF starter, that comes from the amazing Padaria Garfa, a project which wants to keep the bread as it should be: natural, flavourful, and healthy.

In that spirit, we only like to feed our MILF what’s good for it: organic wheat flour from Farinhas Paulino Horta.

When you’re ready to bake, just grab our beautiful hand-crafted banneton (proofing basket) made by Portuguese artisans, which you can be line with a linen baker’s couche, as well as all the other essential accessories that allow you to master the sourdough baking game.


MILF Fermentation


About MILF: Mother I’d Like to Ferment products

This line of MILF products was developed by us, Amass. Cook., with the will to promote contact with fermentation techniques in a practical way. We develop DIY fermentation kits that allow the fermentation-curious to master these ancient techniques from home.

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