Casa das Iscas – Isca de Bacalhau – Comida tradicional no Porto

Casa das Iscas

Rua da Igreja de Paranhos, 442
Segunda 16:00-20.30h
Terça-Sexta 12:00-20.30h
Sábado-Domingo 10:00-20.30h
Tel: 224930105

Casa das Iscas is a traditional tasca where tradition is kept well alive when it comes to serving Portuguese snacks (petiscos). Inside this little and humble establishment lies a secret, which is totally artisanal, undoubtedly delicious, crunchy at the corners and meaty in the center. It is the Portuguese version of battered cod: isca de bacalhau.

This batter carapace is elaborately molded to perfection by the strenuous chef. A whole cod loin or fillet is dipped in creamy batter and thrown into the bubbling oil, and the result is something worth taking a close look and bite at. When served, this behemoth grabs the attention due to its superb size.

Be steady and dig in, start by nibbling the crunchy batter and make way to the delicate, flavor-rich center. An isca de bacalhau can be enough for two, but don’t get too worked up if you can wrestle a whole isca by yourself: the more the merrier. Ask for your isca de bacalhau do be done with a large loin, you’ll thank us. It’s a luxury you can afford to have when your food is prepared at moment’s notice.

The typical entree is made with good olives and great broa, like intended. And to drink, why not a shabby-chic rosé wine, Espadal?

Although these iscas de bacalhau are a strong contender for any commensal, don’t keep yourself from enjoying other petiscos. Casa das Iscas is all about petiscos. The morcela (a blood sausage), for instance, is served grilled and crispy skinned, with filling delicate and delicious. You can also try great pézinhos de coentrada (pork’s feet with cilantro sauce), where little pig’s feet bones riddled with wonderfully gelatinous collagen and cartilage are stewed in a sauce made of cilantro, garlic and other ingredients that Alentejo bespoke. And I’m not even a fan of cilantro. Don’t forget about the delicious moelas (stewed chicken gizzards), rojões (special Portuguese recipe with pork belly) and octopus!

Casa das Iscas is ultimately a true traditional petiscos location, where these are exceptionally prepared. Besides, it serves the best isca de bacalhau in Porto!


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Comida 90 %
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