Valentine’s Day in Porto – What not to do

Valentine's Day in Porto - What not to do

Saint Valentine was martyred on the 14th of February of the year 278. Follow our suggestions in order to avoid martyring your Valentine’s day.

1. There's no chance for romance near the Farol de Felgueiras.

Being near the sea is very inviting, however, during this time of the year you should really aim for other romantic adventures. The Civil Protection services will thank you.

Dia dos Namorados no Porto

2. Don't place love padlocks on Luís I bridge.

We know you like the bridge, but you don’t need to lock it up, no one is going to take it away from you. The bridge isn’t like love, it won’t leave you for someone else. Let’s remember that it’s a cliché and rusty padlocks are quite damaging for the bridge.

3. Don't carve your name (JANE + JOHN) on trees.

Keep tattoos to yourself, and not on trees, especially secular trees. Also, restrain yourself from placing those eyesore banners on highway viaducts, there’s no need to proclaim your love to thousands of angry drivers.

Dia dos Namorados no Porto

4. Don't get trapped inside a shopping mall.

If Sunday’s weather allows it, make your way to unknown places in town (gardens, museums, cafés, outside events). As a tip, run away from any place that is bustling with hearts. Except butcher’s shops (but they’re usually closed on Sunday).

5. Don't make a documentary for social networks.

Interacting in social networks is a lot of fun, but your partner will surely prefer that you interact with her/him.

6. Don't spend too much time gazing into your soulmate's eyes while driving on VCI.

Yes, you’re very much in love. But this is a dangerous road, and it’s not worth seeing your car romantically involved with another vehicle.

Dia dos Namorados Porto

7. Don't hold back your Northern accent.

Don’t do that, trust me. Your better half already knows you’re a tripeiro (Portuense) by now. You need to be proud of your accent. After all, the Northern accents are those closest to the original Portuguese language.

8. Don't be too affectionate while rambling on edgy gardens or streets.

Avoid prolonged demonstrations of affection in places such as the Jardim de São Lázaro or Rua Cimo de Vila, because you may receive some undesirably romantic proposals.

Dia dos Namorados no Porto

9. Repeat after us: I will never buy supermarket chocolates as gifts.

Yes, stores are already printing their Valentine’s day discount leaflets, but it’s bad enough having to eat Kitkats from vending machines. Forget it, even if they’re half price. Opt for real artisanal chocolate. And why not some made in Porto? For example, try out the magnificent chocolates by Chocolataria Equador or Arcádia.

10. Think twice before dining out.

Think about it, it’s Valentine’s day and it’s Sunday. What better reason to stay home? Think how boring it will be to dine in a restaurant packed with dozens other couples, in a tiring pseudo-romantic setting. Plan something ahead and stay home!

Dia dos Namorados no Porto

11. Do you really want to go to a packed cinema?

Imagine spending your romantic evening surrounded by dozens of popcorn chewing couples, in an atmosphere saturated by gallons of perfume. Try out other venues in Porto that hold alternative programmes, such as Casa da Música, Fundação Serralves, Teatro Municipal do Campo Alegre, RivoliCinema Passos Manuel or Cineclube do Porto.

12. To end your Valentine's day on a high note.

Don’t feel trapped into celebrating Valentine’s day. The truth is that Valentine’s day is more of an imported marketing product than a particularly romantic day. The tips above (except number 10) are valid for our day-to-day love life.

Dia dos Namorados no Porto
Top image credited to the film "Holy Motors" by Leos Carax, 2012, distributed by Les Films du Losange.

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