Porto Food Guide
Manual de Cozinha Infanta D. Maria
Manual de Cozinha Infanta D Maria



Maria Sena & Bruno Carvalho

Porto Food Guide is a guide of the most exciting food in the city of Porto. It not only explores the best restaurants, taverns, bakeries, and bars of the Invicta but also discovers the city’s markets and specialty stores. It also approaches the history that surrounds each dish and the culinary traditions behind its festivities.

Porto showcases some of the most delicious Portuguese food. From indulgent francesinhas to bacalhau specialties, and from hearty feijoadas to incredible desserts. With this guide, exploring the city’s gastronomic scene is effortless. It includes all the essentials (and details) you need to know.

Whether you’re staying in Porto for a weekend or a whole week, you’ll face the same question: where will you eat? Will you stick to the unmissable spots or do you have time to discover hidden treasures? Do you have a clue what to order?

With Porto Food Guide, you’ll save time and make your trip special. Easily pick your favorites from over 80 restaurants, because you need options. But we kept things easy: it’s conveniently organized. So you can choose your ideal location, budget, or cuisine. It will also help you find the best food and wine shops, bars and markets.

This 154-page guide is the result of a lifetime of eating in Porto, built with careful selection and independent research. Because trust is the best start for a delicious trip.


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With the Porto Food Guide, you will:

‣ Get an exclusive selection of places to eat, from taverns to cutting-edge restaurants.
‣ Feel like an insider into Porto’s food culture and traditions.
‣ Fall in love with local food, with dishes and ingredients made simple.
‣ Explore historic shops to buy genuine food and wine.
‣ Experience the charm of Porto’s food markets.
‣ Loosen up at Porto’s finest bars.
‣ Taste and recognize the many colors and ages of port wine.

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Format: E-book | PDF

Pages: 154

Year: 2018

Edition: 1st Edition

Language: English

Publisher: Amass. Cook.

Authors: Maria Sena & Bruno Carvalho