A step into the unknown – the first post

How do you write the first post?


And what is it for? Well, in part it is the author’s ultimate reflection on what they aim to achieve with the project, and also the definition of the image they wish to project upon visitors. Thus, our first post is not aligned with the main subjects we envision as predominant in this project, but seeks to elucidate our perspective.

The idea of creating a food blog was not something that we brooded much time upon, and thus we soon passed from thought to action.

We believe that with the growing use of internet interfaces to spread content, users in general lack the determination to express themselves through their own content, in their own space. For example, if we observe the social media phenomenon, where everyone is highly active in sharing global content, a false sensation of engagement is created, and ultimately the only thing that is achieved is the infinite recirculation of someone else’s content.

With that in mind, we created this blog to disclose our own topics, as a result of our devotion  and research. We are counting on everyone to pass the message, and it is our pleasure to invite you to read, and also write.

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