We are nominated for the BTL Blogger Travel Awards 2018

We are nominated for the BTL Blogger Travel Awards 2018!

In many occasions, compliments come in different shapes and sizes, and none should be dismissed. In our case case, it could be that family member or friend that stubbornly keeps reading our articles, or all you readers that don’t even know us, or being nominated by the BTL (Lisbon Tourism Exchange) for the Blogger Travel Awards 2018, in the category of “Best Blog for the Promotion of Portugal in a Foreign Language”.

This is a fantastic moment, and we can only be so very thankful and happy for the word “best” being associated with something we dedicate so much of our time to. That is why we ask for your help to achieve this prize, you only need to vote for us to reach the finals.

As we don’t want to bore our readers with a long speech focused on the importance of such prizes–because some things are as special as they are inexplicable–, and we don’t like taking ourselves too seriously, we’re launching a silly campaign in our Instagram stories. At best, we’ll make someone laugh, other than ourselves.

The voting phase is open until the 2nd of March, but don’t wait up, vote now!

How can you vote?

  • Click on this link.
  • Go to the section “Melhor Blogue de Promoção de Portugal em Língua Estrangeira” and select “Amass. Cook.
  • Type in your name (nome) and email, and click Enviar.
  • All done! Thank you!
Blogger Travel Awards

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