Amass. Cook.: we won the Blogger Travel Awards 2018!

Our blog, Amass. Cook., won the prize for Best Blog Promoting Portugal in a Foreign Language in the fifth edition of the Blogger Travel Awards.

The Blogger Travel Awards represent some of the most important prizes in Portugal regarding travel blogs and are promoted by the country’s biggest tourism fair, the BTL (Lisbon Tourism Exchange). These initiatives are vital for the promotion, credibility, and acknowledgment of national bloggers.

It was the first year we received a nomination for these prizes. In fact, we weren’t expecting to win, as it was our debut in this championship that includes some of the best Portuguese blogs. But go figure… we won.

We can’t possibly describe how significant this moment was for us, at both a professional and personal level, as it is also impossible to express the satisfaction and pride of seeing our work recognized at this level. It’s something that doesn’t happen every day. But it’s also something we want to conquer again.

Receiving this prize gave us a new drive on the quest of bringing our readers more of what you already know of us: a restlessness and need for exploring everything related to gastronomy and culture in (and beyond) Porto and Portugal. Moreover, this prize also reinforced our most recent project, a gastronomical guide of Porto that will soon be launched in digital format. Stay alert; there will be news soon.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our readers, who are the reason this blog exists.

Blogger Travel Awards

Here is the list of winners:

Best Blog Promoting Portugal in a Foreign Language: Amass. Cook.

Best Professional Travel Blog: Hotelandia

Best Personal Travel Blog: O Meu Escritório é Lá Fora

Best Travel Photography Blog: Uma Foto Uma História

Best Travel Blog Voted by the Public: Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal

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