NOS Primavera Sound: Food Lineup



NOS Primavera Sound

NOS Primavera Sound (9-11 June) is possibly the biggest music festival in the North of Portugal, and, as always, it reveals an excellent music lineup, but also a phenomenal restaurant lineup.

This year, we’ll be gifted with some usual presences, but also some novelties. It will also be the debut of the street food area, where we’re sure to have a motorized invasion, bringing food from near and far beyond. We’re sure to welcome the diplomats of Spanish, Mexican, Argentinian (we hope!) and other cuisines to our fine city.

Amass. Cook. will be in the field to taste and evaluate the best performances of the year. You may follow our activity live on Instagram and Twitter, where we’ll share the best gastronomical views of the festival. Be sure to share your experience with us @amass.cook (Instagram) and @AmassCook (Twitter).



As usual, Casa Guedes leaves home but strives for perfection. Mr. César and company will bring their best roasted pig legs and make their delicious and juicy pork sandwich, with, or without cheese. This wonderful pig’s leg will shine once more in the plate of festivalgoers.

NOS Primavera Sound
as melhores sandes do porto


Tasca da Badalhoca (Tavern of the Filthy Lady) has the most genuine name of all the restaurants in this festival (even though it’s very clean). Diversity is aplenty, and you can pick between presunto (ham), liver & onion, blood sausage, alheira, tripe, rojões (pork belly), suckling pig, cod and many more sandwich fillers.


This year, the old guys at Snack-bar Gazela are going to unleash the dogs in the festival for the first time. And being the best cachorrinhos (hot-dogs) in Porto, they are delicious, hot, small and well filled.

NOS Primavera Sound
NOS Primavera Sound


The traditional and spicy bifanas (sandwiches) will certainly make you dance the  Conga, which is more than appropriate for a festival. For the fiery spice and pork lovers.


Padaria Ribeiro has been making dough and putting bread, cakes and cookies in the oven since 1878. This year they’re back to the scene to bump up our calories so we can keep up with the shows.

NOS Primavera Sound
NOS Primavera Sound


Now is your chance to practice some German, since these sausages combine  Maria Wurst‘s German savoir-faire in the art of sausage-making (and hot-dogs) with Portuguese ingredients.



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